Wednesday, July 10, 2013

URBAN PORTRAITS - Puerto Vallarta

People's faces can reveal many emotions, feelings and moods.  Here are some examples taken on the streets of Puerto Vallarta during various events.  Take a close look and see what you come up with.
 El Mariachi - "Serious about his music"
 La Nina - "Uncertainty"
  Nina with her doll - "Love"
Nino - "Cool" 
 La Nina with flowers -"Shy"
 Nino riding on Papa's shoulders - "What's Up?"
 Little girl climbing up on a curb - "Why Are You Taking My Picture?"
 Nina with her Papa - "Hi"
 "La Nina Standing Out In The Crowd"
  "I love to have my picture taken"
 Little girl with a flower - "Consternation"
 Mother and daughter - "I Am Loved"

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