Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Lois and I were visiting Nicole, Pedro and Paloma (our daughter and her husband and daughter) in Rome just about this time last year.  They live within walking distance of the Coliseum and we spent an enjoyable afternoon walking around and photographing the area.  It was especially interesting as the Coliseum was just beginning an extensive renovation and cleaning.  The project was described in the Huffington Post on October 12, 2013 as follows:  "The Colosseum in Rome is sporting a scaffolded look this fall while awaiting renovations to its exterior.  Work recently began on a three-year project that will clean the site, rebuild the exterior arches and reportedly open 25 percent more of the Colosseum's tunnels and cages to tourists.  Tod's, Italy's luxury shoe brand, is footing the 25 million euro cost of the project -- that's 33 million dollas! --in exchange for 'promotional opportunities.'  The restoration should be complete by 2015"

Here are some photos of this colossal landmark and the surrounding area.  CLICK ON ANY PHOTO FOR A LARGER VERSION.  Hope you enjoy  the photos and share this link with family and friends.

View of the Roman Coliseum
View of the Forum In Rome

Late Afternoon View of the Remains of The Forum 

 The Coliseum

Another View of the Coliseum

Remains of the Coliseum

 View of the Scaffolding Erected for the Restoration of the Coliseum

View of the Coliseum

Standing The Test of Time

View Through One of the Arches

 Layers of the Coliseum

 Detail View - The Coliseum

Mid Afternoon In Rome

Rome - View of the Coliseum
 Remains of the Coliseum

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