Sunday, October 27, 2013


Although we encountered many wonderful historic sites and beautiful landscapes throughout Spain, Portugal and Italy, I found the people on the streets to be most intriguing.  The photos below reflect some of the fascinating people and sights we encountered in our travels.  Hope you will enjoy them and share this site with your friends.  You can click on any photo to see a larger version.

 Local Guide In Cordoba, Spain
 Newly Weds In Cordoba
 "I think we are right about here."
 Ready For Action - Cordoba
 What are you looking at? - Cordoba
 "Check this out."
 How do you work this thing?
 Just Married - Cordoba
 On the street in Cordoba, Spain
 Group enjoying the historic sites in Cordoba, Spain
 What's the matter with your face? - Cordoba
 Outdoor dining in Madrid
 The Observer - Madrid
 Artist At Work - Madrid

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Recently returned from an enjoyable visit to Spain, Portugal and Italy.  There were great photo opportunities everywhere we visited including historical landmarks, architecture, nature, landscapes and lots of opportunity to photograph interesting people and urban portraits.  The photos below are some of the first shots processed and are what I call "Urban Photos".  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.
 Motorcycle Man In Madrid
 Storefront On Calle Gran Via In Madrid
 A Shadow Of Our Former Selves - Bud & Lois On Calle Gran Via
 You talkin to me?
 You better watch it!
 Storefront Decoration - Madrid
 Sidewalk Sign In Madrid
 Hanging Out - Madrid
 Too much sun - Too little suit suit - Torremolinos
 Guitarist In Torremolinos
 Sultan CafĂ© Lounge - Torremolinos
 Vendor in the fish market in Malaga
 The Cable Guy in Malaga
 Couple On A Bench - Malaga
Most popular pastime in Spain

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Beyond the blend of baroque, colonial and Art Deco architecture, Havana possesses a unique cultural energy that has evolved over 500 years of tumultuous history.  Classic cars are a common sight in Havana and throughout most of Cuba.  Most of these vehicles are used as taxis to cover the cost of gas and maintenance.  Some of these cars have been meticulously restored and maintained.  Others, not so much as you can see from these photos.
 57 Chevy in great shape
 Riding The Streets of Havana
 Early 50's Chevy Wagon
 When is the last time you saw a DESOTO?
 Red & Cream Oldsmobile
 The Blue Bomb
Early 50's Chrysler 
 Looks like a 53 or 54 Ford
 Still on the road after all these years
 The Green Machine
 The Yellow Machine - Rode home in this one our last night in Havana
 54 Chevy Convertible
 The Red Machine
 The Dark Machine
 The Light Machine
 A Sweet Ride - Above
A Pontiac Silver Streak - Below

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Changing venues and subjects this week and taking a look at music in Cuba.  Cuba is a very musical country and music, dance and song are found everywhere.  The following photos were taken at a live performance by the group "Los Naranjos" at the Union of Writers And Artists (UNEAC) in Cienfuegos, Cuba.  They were playing some very lively Cuban Jazz and kept the enthusiastic crowd on their feet and dancing for several hours.
 Shoes Of The Music Man
 Percussion Man
 Live In Cienfuegos
 Live At The UNEAC
 Two Members of Los Naranjos
 On Vocals
 A Hot Night On Base
 Dancing Foot
Making Music In Cienfuegos 
 Trumpet Man In The Wings
 Live At The UNEAC In Cienfuegos
 Smoking And Dancing To The Music
 Making Music At The UNEAC
 Trumpet Man And His Shadow