Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunday Night On The Malecon (Part II)

More shots from a walk along the Malecon (the walkway along the ocean in downtown Puerto Vallarta) on Sunday, June 9th.  It was a beautiful evening with lots of people out enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes along the way.  We were on our way for some ice cream and it was delicious.
Waiting In Line For Some Food Along the Malecone

Cool Juice On A Warm Evening


Most shops are open on Sunday evening

Ready for the "SUNDAY bikini / wet t-shirt contest"

A Self Portrait In The Making

Popular Sunday Evening Snacks

A Hungry Crowd Near The Naval Museum

Tasty Treats

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunday Night On The Malecon

Sunday night is always an exciting and popular time on the Malecon.  Thousands of people gather along the Malecon to enjoy the warm sea air, some companionship and conversation and the food.
                                        Hammocks, Tablecloths and Coats On Basilio Badillo
Perplexed by A Call
                                          Oyster Vendors on the Malecon - End of the Day

                                              "I think we should quit smoking NOW"
                                                       Tamales and Corn After Dark
                                                 Toy Vendor In Front of Roberto's
                                                                         "Corn Art"
                                        "Artistry With Fruit" - The Malecon On Sunday Night

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Views Of Puerto Vallarta

                                               Fresh Air - Downtown Puerto Vallarta
                                           Mosaic Wall On Calle Encino
                                               Detail View - Mosaic On Calle Encino
                                           Cupola - Downtown Puerto Vallarta
                                      Sunset Over Banderas Bay - February 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Views Of New York City

                                           Night View of Manhattan from Across the Hudson
                                                         Window In New York
                                           On The Street in the East Village
                                           Lower Manhattan
                                Battery Park City and the New World Trade Center June 2011
                                    New World Trade Center Under Construction - June 2011
                                           Another View of the New World Trade Center
                                          View of Lower Manhattan from the Hudson River
                                                        View of Radio City Music Hall
                                           Midtown - Rockefeller Center
                                           View From Rockefeller Center
                                           More Views of Midtown
                                           View of the United Nations Building
                                                     More Midtown Reflections
                                                    Structures In Midtown
                                           View In Manhattan
                                                     Building In The Shadows
                                           Reflections In Midtown