Monday, January 20, 2014


Lois and I love traveling in Italy and we were able to spend several days in Rome in October while visiting Nicole, Pedro and their beautiful daughter Paloma.  The historic sights in Rome are unsurpassed.  We also found the street scenes to be captivating.  Hope you enjoy the scenes and the people in the photos below and share them with your friends.  You can click on any photo to see a larger version.

 Urban Transportation
"Help Yourself and Pay at the Register" 
Shopping For Ingredients 
 Product Placement - Sidewalk Cafe in Rome

Shopping In The Street Market 
 "You try texting with gloves on."
 Macaroni Anyone?
"What was I supposed to get at the market?" 
You are kidding - Right?" 
 Do you have any idea how many of these I've pealed today?
" Do you mind if I finish my lunch?"
" How am I supposed to drive this
 thing with all that junk in there?"
 The National Flower
 Looks like its full.
 The 3D Menu
 Shopping For Mushrooms
 Checking Messages
 View through the rear windos
 The Observer
 Tourist In Rome
 Advertising In Rome - The sign points
 the way to the Trevi Fountain
 Making Repairs
Business Lunch In The Alley

Gentleman Working In The Market