Monday, September 15, 2014


On Sunday, September 14th, El Dia Nacional del Charro (National Charro Day) was celebrated in Puerto Vallarta.  At 11:30 am, more than 100 members of La Union de Asociaciones de Charros de Puerto Vallarta (the Union of Puerto Vallarta Charrors Associations) and delegations from 7 countries (Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico) participated in a parade through town with great clamor.  The parade started at Plaza Lazaro Cardenas and ended at the McDonald's on the Malecon.  A large and enthusiastic crowd was on hand for the spectacle.  Hope you enjoy the photos and please share this site with your friends and feel free to leave your comments.  More photos covering a wide variety of subject are available for your viewing on my web site at: 
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 Rope Tricks In The Parade


 Many Groups Participating

 One of Many Participants



 Magic Rope

 This Guy Is Good With A Rope

With The Modelo Riders

 They Start Very Young

 Serious Young Charro

 The Princess

 The Princess II

"Giddy Up" 
El Charro

 Banner Bearer

One Of Several  Ladies Groups

 Another Young Participant 

 Rope Tricks

 Entertaining The Crowd

 Serious Charro


 Crossing The Bridge

 Charra On Her Horse

 Multiple Generations

A Beautiful Smile


Young Charro on Horseback

 The Flag Bearer

 A Young Charro

 Silver On The Saddle