Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4th Annual Arena Vallarta International Charro Championships

A charreada is a Mexican rodeo, and in Jalisco it is a very popular professionally recognized sport with strict rules.  Both men and women compete, wearing colorful Mexican ware trimmed in silver studs.  Years of training make this event art, sport, and an extension of the culture that is Charreria.  The CAPEONATO INTERNACIONAL CHARRO GRAN PREMIO was held at the Arena Vallarta last weekend and it was a very exciting and colorful  event.  There were approximately 28 men's teams competing in the Charro Events and 9 teams of women participating in the Escaramuza event.  Attached are photos depicting some of these spectacular events.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  Click on any photo to see a larger version without the description.

Colas en el Lienzo, or Coleadero (Arena Bull tailing)
Similar to bull dogging except that the rider does not 
dismount.  The charro rides alongside the left side of
the bull, wraps its tail around his right leg, and tries  
to cause the bull to fall and roll as he rides past.

                                         Escaramuza (Skirmish):  During this event a team of                                       8-12 women riding sidesaddle and dressed in colorful
Adelita dresses perform a variety of precision riding

Escaramuza - (See Above)

Colas en el Lienzo (Arena bull tailing)

Arena bull tailing

Charros chasing a loose bull

Jineto de Toro - similar to the rodeo event.  Bulls are
smaller, between 990 and 1320 pounds, and are riden
until they stop bucking.  Two hands can be used on the 
bullrope.  The charro cannot fall off, he must dismount 
and land upright.  After the charro dismounts the bull he
must remove the bullrope and bellrope so the Terna en 
                                     el Ruedo can follow.

 Jineteo de Toro (Bull Riding- See Above)

Jineteo de Toro (Bull Riding)

Terna el el Ruedo (Team of three) a team roping event
in which three charros attempt to rope a bull - one by
its neck, one by its hind legs, and the last then ties its 
                                      feet together.  They a maximum of 10 minutes.

Jineteo de Yegua (Bareback on a wild mare):  
similar to bareback bronc riding.

Team Roping

Member of the roping team

Charro doing rope tricks

Manganas a Caballo (Roping from horseback); a
charro on horseback has three chances to rope a wild
mare by its front legs.  The wild mare is chased around
the ring by three mounted charros.  Eight minutes are given.

Member of the roping team

Bareback riding on a wild mare